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Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Category: Blog, News

From the city that brought you the Chicago Fire, it’s time to fight fire with fire. Donald Trump haters gonna hate.

SO Donald Trump got himself kicked out of my home town of Chicago.
WATCH: “Tonight’s rally will be postponed.”

Am I proud of my hometown? Oh yeah.
(also proud of the famous hotdog place Wiener’s Circle with their special “Trump Footlong” featuring a 3-inch sausage)
Trump ‘Footlong’ = 3-inch sausage

Here are some of my friends’ comments that followed online: ‘Go home, you racist piece of shit!’ ‘He’s garbage!’
Trump racist piece of shit
AND this:  ‘You inbred, incest, racist piece of shit’
WATCH: “you inbred, incest, racist…”

“Yeah, Trump! Take your hate-speech, and here’s some more hate-speech!”

And do you know who also contributed to these nasty comments online? ME.
Twitter Greg AntiTrump
Here I am complaining about these stupid negative attack ads on TV. And then here I go basically cutting and pasting it onto my social media…
It’s the internet equivalent of saying: ‘WOW – this milk is bad! Here, you smell!’ 

BUT I don’t want to be part of the problem. SO now I’m doing my penance: trying to find 3 nice things to say about Donald Trump. Here we go…
1 – He’s drawing attention to the decaying American educational standards
2 He’s making kids realize that bullying is a problem even for adults. (See: Bush, Jeb; Rubio, Marco.)
3 Like the meme says, he’s making America great again by destroying the republican party from within.

Next, I even went to Europeans to ask if they could think of 3 nice things to say about Donald Trump. I know it’s hard! Here’s a start:
Trump Positive QuotesFor more reactions, watch UNITED STATES OF EUROPE this week.

And let’s face it: if Trump really gets elected President as a right-wing demagogue – he’ll fit right in over here with half the leaders in Europe right now.