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3 Reasons Why EU Right Wing is Wackier than US

Date: Saturday, October 17, 2015
Category: Blog, News

3 Reasons Why EU Right Wing is Wackier than US

A couple of weeks ago I may have given the impression that EU – & US – are being overrun by an army of jesus-looking, sandal wearing, liberal hippy vegans. Okay, that ain’t exactly true. From Conservative Cameron to Christian Conservative Merkel to Viktor Orban ‘The Vic-tator’ – the EU is plenty Right-Wing. Orban himself has said his governing role models are Russia and China. But we didn’t have room for that bit this week.

In this week’s video, we start with the US usual suspects: Trump got the ball rolling by calling Mexicans rapists. (Unlike Trump himself, whose lawyer once defended him from accusations from his ex-wife by saying ‘Marital rape doesn’t exist.’)

Then there was Carly Fiorina in the second debate, saying Planned Parenthood was profiting from selling dead babies: ‘…We have to keep it alive to harvest its brain!’ She was referring to notoriously faked video. It’s SO fake, one wonders what other films she believes are real. ‘Muslims are evil! I saw it on Homeland!’ 

And then there was Ben Carson who said: ‘I believe Hitler wouldn’t have been able to achieve his goals.. if the people had been armed.’ This is clearly ridiculous, since the best weapon against Hitler would have been a cinema filled with flammable film reels, as demonstrated in ‘Inglorious Basterds.’ 

BUT the EU is giving the Americans a run for their money. As wacky as some Republicans may be, no one is talking about seceding from the Union. Unlike Nigel Farage, whose entrance music for his political conference is Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown.’ Farage is making his case against Europe by using music from the band ‘Europe.’ Talk about ‘Trying to Have it Bothe Ways….’ That would be like: taking money from Europe to promote an entire tour called ‘Say No to Europe’ …which is exactly why Farage is the subject of an EU fraud investigation. Oh, they’re making plans for Nigel. 

But Farage is just the tip of the wacky Right-Wing iceberg. Then there’s the 3rd-biggest party in Greece, Golden Dawn, whose political rallies happen to have a lot of angry skinheads. And their logo looks a lot like a swastika. But it’s not a swastika! It’s just a Greek symbol meaning ‘immigrants go home.’

At least they’re going to some trouble to hide it. As opposed to MEP Udo Voigt, who had no problem referring to Hitler as ‘a great man.’ There was France’s Jean-Marie Le Pen, who claimed the refugee / overpopulation problem could be solved with ‘one outbreak of ebola.’ 

But no one can out-crazy Janusz Korwin-Mikke from Poland, who campaigned with slogans like:
“Democracy is the stupidest form of government ever conceived.”
“Women are dumber than men and should not be allowed to vote.”
“The European Commission building is better used by turning it into a brothel.”

… And he was elected! So far, that’s something Trump, Fiorina & Carson can’t say. Who’s right? My vote is The EU.