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3 Reasons Why Putin in Syria Is OK with US & EU

Date: Sunday, October 11, 2015
Category: Blog, News

Putin in Syria – WHY?
This week on ‘United States of Europe,’ I was inspired by the Daily Show motto ‘If you smell it, say it.’
So many news outlets are full of commentary on WHY Putin is in Syria. ‘WHAT is he up to?’
1) BUT few news outlets mention ‘Russia Military Base in Syria.’ Tartus is – according to NYT page 4 – ‘Russia’s only overseas military base outside the former Soviet Union.’ Wanna see how many overseas military bases America has? Watch the video.
I may not like the fact that Putin wants to prop up Assad, but I don’t see the point of acting like Russia has no reason to do so.. And I don’t understand why our media have such a hard time reporting Russia has its only warm water naval base in Syria.
2) With the unabated chaos in Syria, it’s almost as if US & EU are benefiting somehow. I call it the ‘Unofficial Syrian Exchange Program’ : Unemployable jihadis, in exchange for cheap labor. Watch the video for more.
3) I’ll dare to ask the difficult question: Why NOT let Russia get messed up in Syria? Watch Obama’s & Putin’s UN speeches back-to-back. Obama says Assad must be removed from power. Putin says ‘Why?’ If Assad is so oppressive, why is US in bed with Egypt and  Saudi Arabia? And if Assad is to be removed, what’s to prevent Syria from becoming another Libya or Iraq?

Personally, I’m no fan of Putin. I don’t trust him. And I think he should be punished for his actions in Ukraine. But now that I think about it: What better punishment than making him clean up that godawful Syrian mess?

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