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5 Reasons Why My Fringe is a Disaster, and I Love It.

Date: Friday, August 7, 2015
Category: Blog, News

First came the Cowgatehead news: my Freestival venue fell through. But it was replaced by the newly opened, historic New Waverley Arches. Okay.
Second, my housing fell through. But it was also quickly sorted.
So – what’s the ‘Magic Rule of Three’ bad news coming next?
My venue isn’t ready. Am I doing the show anyway?
Oh, yes.

Why? 5 reasons.
1) The city’s plan is to turn the Arches into glass & steel Gap stores. But in the meantime, we’re putting on a show. Does it look like an abandoned construction site? Yes. We’re doing it anyway.


2) The Arches are beautiful inside, and they’re high enough for two humans to stand atop each other comfortably. Is the stage made up of wooden pallets? Yes. We’re doing it anyway.


3) There’s beer.


4) The view of Calton Hill and the old Scottish Parliament. Is the view mainly the train tracks at Waverley Station. (maybe)


5) The day before the Fringe, the city refused the license for performances inside the venue. Am I doing my show anyway, outside the venue? Hell yes.


This may be my last Fringe ever. I’ve done a lot of improv at the Fringe. I’ve done a lot of standup. But I’ve never done standup at the Fringe. I’m excited as hell. It’s not a solo hour, I’m just hosting a platform for some of my favorite acts. It’s only 6 shows, and I’ve got reporting to do as well. But I’m going to make this happen.

Some say the Fringe is too corporate, too pricey, not grass-root enough. I say: Come check out our DIY Squatters Row tent camp show. If only to deny those who said it can’t be done.

6) There’s beer.