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Public Art? Or Vandalism?

Date: Friday, September 25, 2015
Category: Blog, News

My 11 year-old started at a new school in a new neighborhood – a developing neighborhood. It has a healthy immigrant population, much more diverse than the ‘VrijeSchool,’ which was comparatively  lily-white. Across the street from the school is a rather large mosque. Across from the mosque is a police station, which – for some reason – has extended its flagpole so it’s just a bit higher than the minaret of their neighbors. And at the apartment complex next to the school, there’s mess. Specifically, there’s an apartment complex where the residents apparently like to collect shopping carts from nearby supermarkets. Sometimes they even end up in the highway underpass. Classy.
I find myself asking ‘What kind of people behave like this?’ And for all I know, they’re asking themselves ‘What kind of person bikes by judging us?’ And the answer is: me. A middle class white guy with enough time to write about this shit.

SO I made a project out of it. WHERE do these shopping carts keep coming from? Guess. Go ahead. Yes, LIDL.


Yes, it’s the LIDL.
The cheapest of all supermarkets ironically cares the least about its fleet of carts.




So I took 15 minutes and walked 6 carts back to the LIDL rank. Since no one was there to say ‘Thanks,’ or ‘What are you doing,’ or ‘You clearly have too much time on your hands,’ I have myself a high-five.

And the next day, I found another 3 carts, arranged into this.

I wondered whether to move them back as well, but clearly someone put some thought into the arrangement. The thought was either ‘Look at our pop-up sculpture garden’ or ‘F you, do-gooder. Let’s see you try to move these!’

I’m going to assume it was the former. And I’ll find a different way to bike home.