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6 Memorable Jokes, a Week Later: Ed Fringe 2015

Date: Sunday, August 23, 2015
Category: Blog, News

6 Memorable Jokes, a Week Later: Ed Fringe 2015
I had to leave the Edinburgh Fringe early (thank goodness, I have work). But the whole experience repeats and repeats in my ear…
Here are some of the jokes that still reverberate a week later (to the best of my memory). I’ve given full credit. Please go see their shows. And there are a couple where you’ll just have to buy a ticket to hear the whole thing.

First up is Fringe First winner Desiree Burch:
‘Hooray! Now we’re “Post-Racist,” meaning everyone is white.’
(‘Tarbaby,’ noon Gilded Balloon)

IMG_9622 (1)

Keith Farnan: ‘Let’s play a game called “Who said it: Josef Stalin or Eric Schmidt from Google?”’
(‘Anonymous,’ 6pm Underbelly Cowgate)


John Robertson: ‘Some of these jokes might come out a bit wrong, but then so did I. And ever since then_____.’
(‘Let’s Redecorate,’ 3:40pm The Stand)IMG_9458

Stuart Goldsmith: ‘I’m glad you enjoy my inner monologue, which – to me – is apparently represented by a small man hopping neurotically in place.’
(‘An Hour,’ 4:55pm PBH Canons’ Gait) IMG_9625

Chris Coltrane: ‘People ask me why I care so much about injustice… Maybe I should just tell them “I was bitten by a radioactive ______, and now I shoot activism ____.’”
(‘Left-Wing Propagande Machine,’ 3:30pm PBH Banshee Labyrinth) 

Chris Coltrane

Trygve Wakenshaw: (miming a priest) ‘If anyone should object to this marriage, let them speak now, or forever hold their peace.’ (The priest is marrying a man to a chicken.)
(‘Nautilus,’ 10pm Pleasance Courtyard)IMG_9681