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ANGRY WHITE MEN: Trump Up the Volume


Greg Shapiro (Boom Chicago, ‘Netherlands Second’) performs the multi-media, stage version of his YouTube show ‘United States of Europe.’ Each evening’s show consists of standup comedy on the latest news, video interviews with the people on the street, live-polling with the audience on the big issues, guest commentary, and a chance for the audience to ask questions to ‘The Real Donald Trump.’

‘United States of Europe.’
Why is there no ‘Daily Show’ for the EU? Every day there’s ridiculous news coming out of European capitals, but no one is there to ridicule it on an continental basis. ‘United States of Europe’ gives EU leaders the attention they deserve – by ridiculing them on a regular basis.
‘United States of Europe’ – making fun of the EU, the American way.

Greg Shapiro: Comedian. American. Dutchman. You may know Greg from the Boom Chicago show ‘Angry White Men: Trump Up the Volume.’  And as the Trump impersonator from the ‘Netherlands Second’ video with over 75 million views worldwide.