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Are You Scared of Donald Trump?

Date: Monday, March 14, 2016
Category: Blog

Welcome to UNITED States of Europe RANTS!

An an American in Europe, people keep asking me: ’Isn’t is scary how Trump is gaining all these followers when he’s basically a fascist?’

And my first response is: ‘Wow, if Europeans say fascist, they’re not just making things up. Franco, Mussolini, Hitler, Milosevic, Berlusconi, Orban, LePen, Wilders, Farage… They really know what they’re talking about.’

But my second response is to go back to the beginning of the question: ‘Isn’t it SCARY?’
Yes, it’s “SCAAAARY!”

And that says a lot about why Trump is so popular.

My wife is Dutch. She says “Want to watch Homeland?” I watched for 5 minutes, then I said NO. I’ve seen the Muslim call to prayer with spooky music in the background one too many times: ‘American Sniper,’ ‘Benghazi,’ now ‘London has Fallen.’

And yes, there’s ISIS. But you know what? Like the internet meme says: “There are like 1.7 billion Muslims in the world. If Islam promoted terrorism, you’d all be dead by now.”

But it’s not just Hollywood!
My wife and I watched the BBC series ‘Spooks’. The Brits vs. the terrorists.
In Germany, there’s ’Deutschland 83’ the Germans vs. the terrorists.
In France there’s ‘SPIN,’ the French vs. the terrorists.

Yes there’s Bataclan & Charlie Hebdo. Yes, San Bernadino. Yes, Yes London, yes Madrid, yes 9/11. BUT me? I grew up in the 80s when the Reagan-made, Russian-powered nuclear threat was THIS CLOSE to wiping out ALL OF HUMANITY.

30 years before that, we had these guys in a race to see how many million people they could bump off.

30 years before that, there were random flu epidemics that would kill 50 to 100 million people at a time.

Now we get 1 case of Ebola and we lose our collective shit. Hashtag “#OMG! we’re all going to die!”

We’ve never been safer, yet we’ve never been more terrified. Why? Because terror sells. Especially when it comes from “Out There.”

And – just like his hats made in China – Trump has sourced his terror from the outside.
The Mexican threat – is basically Sicario.
The China threat: Jack Bauer.
The Muslim threat: Tony Stark.

Terror sells. The question is: Who’s buying?
And the answer is: the enemy is us.