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Brexit Explained in 5 Memes

Date: Thursday, February 2, 2017
Category: Blog

Brexit Explained in 5 Memes
Watch the Video:

Tired of Donald Trump news? Try European politics! For example, Brexit
– the European version of ‘Winter is Coming.’

Here’s all you need to bring you up to speed on Brexit situation in 5 memes.

It all started in June 2016, when 52% of Brits voted to leave the EU, an increasing number of whom are having a hard time explaining why they voted that way.
Or as put it:

Everyone else in the EU has been watching in amusement as Britain’s PM Theresa May uninvites herself to EU summit meetings, with no real plan to leave the EU. Or to put it in terms of Meme 2:


[Background: Newsroom. Insert jpg 6]

Since the very prospect of Britain leaving the EU has caused the Pound to fall, inflation to rise and businesses to flee the country, Britain then said ‘Maybe we don’t have to leave the EU completely.’ Hence ‘Soft Brexit,’
OR as this meme puts it:


BUT NOW Theresa May has announced a Hard Brexit. But she’s not calling it Hard Brexit. She’s calling it ‘Global Britain,’ Which is like Adam and Eve being kicked out of Paradise and saying ‘Awesome Desert!’


Basically, Britain is now ready to rip up every EU treaty and start all over again with the rest of the globe. Or as this meme puts it:

People compare Theresa May to Margaret Thatcher, but by 80’s standards, she’s way more punk! She’s got more self-inflicted wounds than Sid & Nancy.

The reaction of EU’s chief brexit negotiator: “I would suggest that using the threat of economic self-harm.. is a very unproductive negotiating tactic.”

Really it’s a fine line between Brexit negotiator and “HOSTAGE negotiator.”
Maybe the meme we’re looking for isn’t SkyTV or Netflix. Maybe it’s a Suicide Hotline.



Coming up: more on the origins of Brexit and the real reason why it’s never actually going to happen. On Unites States of Europe