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EU, Iceberg Ahead! As Population Shrinks, an Uncomfortable Question…

Date: Sunday, September 13, 2015
Category: Blog

EU, Iceberg Ahead!
There’s a basic demographic fact in Europe that should be the BIG, HEADLINE, STARTING POINT for the discussion on refugees. It’s not even the fact that – country by country – immigrants contribute MORE to the economy than they claim. It’s the fact that the EU population is shrinking, and there won’t be enough working-age people to sustain our standard of living. Every European leader should start their speeches by saying ‘YES – our way of life is under threat. The threat is: Not Enough People.’ Immigrants Aren’t the Problem, They’re the Answer.

I was recently at a speech from an older Dutchman from Randstad recruiting. He said ‘Looking at me, I guess you’d expect me to be Conservative. And you’re right. But there is one unavoidable demographic fact that every European country will have to face: our population is shrinking. And the life expectancy is growing. Soon, EU countries will not be fighting to keep refugees out. They’ll be competing with each other to invite them in.’

So far, only one EU country seems to understand these numbers. Can you guess which one?

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