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Greg Shapiro’s Pick of the Fringe Showcase – 6 Shows Only

Hi folks, I’m celebrating 25 years in comedy with an afternoon showcase for some of my favourite acts. After organizing tours with the likes of Brendon Burns, Glenn Wool, Desiree Burch, etc, now I’m providing a platform for comedy as well as storytelling, spoken word and performance art. And – as host of ‘United States of Europe’ & co-host of ‘The Amsterdam Comedy Podcast,’ I’ll be adding some of my favorite new talent from The Continent.

I’m quite proud to help inaugurate Edinburgh’s newest, hottest venue: The New Waverley Arches, just off the Royal Mile. 4 venues, and a terrace with music & wood-oven pizza til 3am. Even if I wasn’t performing there, I’d want to check it out…

+ Pay attention: there will be a quiz! Winners will receive free Scotch whisky, sponsored by Shapiro’s quiz app The Quickest Quiz.

August 7, 8, 9 – 3pm. New Waverley Arches (Venue 462), East Market St. & Cranston St.
August 7: Daniel-Ryan Spaulding (CAN), MF David Deery (US), Edo Berger (HOLLAND)
August 8: JoJo Bellini (UK), Christian Schulte-Loh (GER), Valdemar Pustelnik (DEN)
August 9: Anil Desai (UK), Claus Reiss (DEN), Hilary Fox (UK), Hjalmar Tjan (HOLLAND)

More info:
Fri Aug. 7
– Spaulding is known for going viral with ‘If Gay Guys Said the Shit Straight People Say.’ His solo show is ‘Red Lights and Rainbows.’
– Deery is an American in Berlin & a success in LA. His solo show is at PBH Free Fringe
– Berger is known for his caustic political comedy on ‘United States of Europe’ and for supporting Spaulding in ‘If Gay Guys Said the Shit Straight People Say.’

Sat Aug. 8
– JoJo Bellini is cooking up cabaret brilliance at The Stand, in the Top Ten Weird shows Not to Miss:
– Christian Schulte Loh is back at the Fringe, hosting Comedy World War and bringing his solo show ‘Attack of the 50 Foot German’
– Valdemar Pustelnik is hilarious, and his solo show is ‘Wanna Be Lonely with Me?’

Sun Aug. 9
– Anil Desai has 2 shows at the Fringe, including ‘Impressions of a Hindude.’
– Claus Reiss brings ‘Return of the Danish Bagpipe Comedian’
– Hilary Fox brings her ukelele with her for a Freestival show
– Hjalmar Tjan hosts his own comedy show at the Fringe: ‘Welcome to Clown Town’