Theater Tour

LEAVING TRUMPLAND. Netherlands Tour: 9 October – January, 2021

In Leaving Trumpland Greg Shapiro says goodbye to the Trump voice he has done since the ‘Netherlands Second’ video on Zondag Met Lubach. If Trump ever leaves the spotlight, it won’t be the end of the world. Whereas, if he stays, it might literally be the end of the planet.


For Shapiro, it’s personal. This year COVID killed his step-father, due to Trump’s fantasyland followers. In Leaving Trumpland, Shapiro’s US family finally stops asking “When are you coming back home,” and starts asking “Can I move to the Netherlands with you?” Shapiro has never been prouder to be half-Dutch. And – looking at America in 2020 – he finally understands the true meaning of leedvermaak.

Leaving Trumpland is in English, with some Dutch.


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