Greg Shapiro on NPO Op 1: How to Imitate Biden

SO I was asked to appear on a Dutch talk show. In Part One I was asked to comment – as Trump – on the results of Election 2020. In Part Two, Carrie asked me if I could do a Joe Biden imitation. I told her "I'm working on it." (in Dutch)

The Book Gifting Challenge: What’s the First Thing to Make You Laugh

Well, now everyone is in Lockdown. So I thought: "Oh, well. I'll have to approach the fabulous celebrities one on one. With social distancing!"  And I came up with a hook: I'll interview the Dutch celebrities and ask them "What is the first thing in the book that makes you laugh out loud?" Right away, with America expert Laila Frank, I did not get the result I was expecting. In fact, it kind of backfired. Making it all the more hilarious! Got 60 seconds? Watch the video:  


After the success of my HOW NOT TO ZOOM 'video conference mini-show,' a client asked: “Could you lead one of your classic improv workshops via Zoom as well?” And I said YES. Or more specifically, “YES AND.”   The Zoom Improv Workshop starts with: - Introducing yourself to your team in a whole new way. - Sharing WORST practice in video conferencing. - Showcasing Special Skills. And it builds up to: - Allowing yourself to be an expert, based on virtual backgrounds assigned to you at random.

1 Year of ‘HOW NOT TO ZOOM: a Videoconference Mini-Show

It was April, 2020 when I got a phone call: “Could you do 10 minutes of comedy about video conferencing for our weekly video conference?” I said YES. And it was such a hit, I developed a new videoconference mini-show called HOW NOT TO ZOOM, aka “Sharing WORST Practice.” Pretty soon, I was asked to do longer sets of 30-45 minutes - including a tailored powerpoint show. No problem.

Book Presentation Greg Shapiro + Great First Review

Presenting Greg Shapiro's third book, THE AMERICAN NETHERLANDER: 25 Years of Expat Tales. The first copy was given to reviewer Michael Hasted of ARTS TALK MAGAZINE. Watch as Shapiro gives Hasted approximately 30 seconds to read the book before conducting his interview.

My Dog the Recycling Dog: Black Labrador Retrieves Plastic Soup

When Covidiots trash Amsterdam Vondelpark, my dog is there for the cleanup. Meet Olive, the Black Labrador. She is never happier than when she's Retrieving. So I've trained her to fetch plastic garbage - especially floating plastic garbage in the water. Vondelpark is her favorite place to do it. And lately, there's no shortage of Plastic Soup. 

Greg Shapiro on NPO Op1: Commenting as Trump

At one point, Charles Groenhuijsen said "We asked ourselves at the production meeting - when the tide started to turn to Biden - 'What must Trump be thinking?' Luckily we have Greg Shapiro to tell us tonight." SO I commented as Trump. Watch the reactions of Charles, Carrie ten Napel, Laila Frank, Jeroen Pauw & Ali B.


I love Fatboy stuff! Did you know they're based in Den Bosch, Netherlands? I found out when I got the call: they needed a host for their annual retailer event - this time via Livestream.  Well, the show went great. And the livestream only froze up twice (!) 


There are so many Dutch achievements in the area of duurzaamheid that you’d expect Dutch folks to show more national pride. And yet - when it comes to national pride - the Netherlands has been described as ‘the least chauvinistic country in Europe.’ Maybe that’s partly why the ‘Netherlands Second’ video was such a hit here. Dutch mentality is like: “We don’t need to be first. …But we are definitely better than the rest.”
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