English Language Amsterdam Election Debate – Hosted by Greg Shapiro

Hey Expats & Internationals! You might be able to vote in the Amsterdam City Council Elections - aka the Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen. Basically, if you’ve been living here long enough you can pronounce the term Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen, then maybe you can vote in the Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen. Election Day is next Wednesday, 16 March. And this Wednesday 9 March I’m hosting the ONLY English-language election event in Amsterdam -!

Remote Meetings Are Dead – Long Live Hybrid Meetings! Greg Shapiro

In February I was called upon to do two separate events for Janssen Pharmaceuticals in Belgium - both remote meetings. Now that Covid restrictions are lifting in the Netherlands and Belgium, you might expect a return to 100% live events ! And you’d be wrong. Looks like hybrid meetings are the New Normal.

Greg Shapiro New Comedy Show LISTPUSHER at Utrecht Int’l Comedy Festival

Based on my experiences as a real-live (fake) politician - I’ve created a new 30-minute show called LIST PUSHER. A friend of mine on Amsterdam city council asked me “Could you help us on our campaign to reach out to the expats and internationals?” And I said yes. The upcoming city council elections - the gemeenteraadsverkiezingen - are the one time expats and non-Dutch citizens can vote. Basically, if you’ve lived in the Netherlands long enough to pronounce the term gemeenteraadsverkiezingen, then maybe you can vote in the gemeenteraadsverkiezingen.

Arjen Lubach: Curse Breaker (So Says Greg Shapiro)

Is it time for the Netherlands to get its own long-lasting daily late night comedy show? Looks like the answer is YES. Arjen Lubach has already mastered the weekly format of John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight.’ Why not go for daily? Introducing De Avondshow! It's really good. The reviews are good. Now if only we’d give him time to really find his form… Here are a couple of quotes I gave to Dutch newspapers about Arjen Lubach's new show. 

Greg Shapiro Presents: HOW TO BE DUTCH – THE QUIZ SHOW

Hi, it’s me Greg Shapiro - the American Netherlander. I grew up in America first, and I moved to the Netherlands second. Along the way, I took the Dutch citizenship exam, and I wrote a couple books on the subject - including HOW TO BE DUTCH: the Quiz. All the questions that SHOULD be on the Dutch citizenship exam, by the American Netherlander who’s been living here 25 years.


After utterly failing to appear on Dutch TV reality shows like Wie Is de Mol and Expeditie Robinson, I have decided to take part in the biggest reality show of them all: Dutch politics.

Greg Shapiro Hosts Second ‘CitizenM TV Show’

PRO-TIP: Your Livestream doesn’t need to be Live! Again, we had 3 days of production, with plenty of time for me to meet the C-level execs and get to know everyone - and get the best out of everyone. 

Greg Shapiro Mini Standup Special ‘LEAVING TRUMPLAND’ 

I wrote a comedy show about America during Trump and during Covid. It’s called LEAVING TRUMPLAND. And it’s partly about how Trump and Covidiots killed my stepfather. Most of my performance dates were cancelled due to Covid. But thankfully, a Dutch performance series asked me to perform part of my show for them, at the ITA International Theater Amsterdam. And here it is: GREG SHAPIRO’S LEAVING TRUMPLAND on ‘Cultuurexplosie Live.’


A friend of mine in Brussels has been organizing a monthly EU-themed talk show called ‘Brussels Bubbles.’ And what do you know - they even have a website called ModeratingEU.  ModeratingEU is a booking agency dedicated to creating EU-themed events that are NOT BORING. And I offered my help. I can now be hired via to make your event less boring and tedious. Unless you WANT your EU meeting to be boring and tedious, in which case - just keep doing what you’ve been doing.
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