Greg Shapiro’s Book Available Again on Amazon

I'm really happy how this book turned out. The first section revisits the Netherlands of 1994 when I first arrived, and then it delves into the typical Dutch stereotypes via my favorite first-hand stories. The second section is called How to Be Dutch: all the questions that SHOULD be on the Dutch citizenship exam. And the third section is a selection of Dutch names that do NOT translate well into English. 

Greg Shapiro ‘How to Be Dutch’ at NBTC Netherlands Bd of Tourism & Conventions

I was asked to give a reading from my book The American Netherlander: 25 Years of Expat Tales. It's a module I like to call 'Culture Shock Therapy.' And we had a 'bubble' set - everyone on set had to have a negative Covid test. And between the speakers and the crew, there were just enough live bodies to be able to play to audible laughs.  

Greg Shapiro: NPO Radio1 Comedy News Correspondent

First came the US elections in November 2020. Then came Trump claiming the entire election was fake - and leaving the White House anyway. Next up came the Dutch national elections in March, 2021. De Tweede Kamer Verkiezingen. And my friends at Dutch NPO Radio1 asked me to do a CNN-style report from the polling stations in the Netherlands. In Dutch! Ik zei JA. 

Greg Shapiro, the Dutch DudeWithSign

'Dude with Sign.' I've been inspired by his work. And - as an artist - that's my way of saying I'm stealing his idea.  In March 2021, I did a series of 'Dutch Dude with Sign' poses to encourage the Dutch English-speaking community to get more involved with the Dutch elections. But now I'm picking up where I left off - nu helemaal in het Nederlands. 


Greg Shapiro's The American Netherlander, with its sense of humour and sharp eye for detail, is a good starting point to understanding life as an international in the Netherlands. The author is an American comedian, a member of comedy group Boom Chicago, presenter of Comedy Central News, and author of two books now collected together in The American Netherlander: 25 Years of Expat Tales. 

Greg Shapiro Masterclass: CULTURE SHOCK THERAPY

There are plenty examples of Culture Shock in the Netherlands. Like having a Dutchman introduce himself and say "Hello, my name is Freek. I am Freek, and this is my colleague Tjerk." But if you can keep a sense of humor about it, you experience Culture Shock THERAPY: when you realize that  cultural differences can be hilarious

I May Have Just Saved You from a €95 Fine

Lockdown cardboard is overflowing on the streets of Amsterdam! Ever wonder what would happen if an entire city would start working from home, ordering everything online and then dumping their used cardboard boxes all at once? Welcome to Pandemic 2021. I have a paper recycling container across from my house, which is often jammed. If only I could get the key to that side panel... SO I did it! Now I save my neighbors from getting €95 penalties.

Q&A: Why EU Vaccine Strategy Is Not as Bad as You Think

On my YouTube channel, I have a long-running show called 'United States of Europe' - Making fun of the EU the American way. So of course, I had to make fun of the EU's comically slow Covid vaccination rates, as compared to the US and the UK. BUT along the way, I realized - it's not that simple. In fact, in many ways EU vaccination policy is not as bad as you'd think. Trendwatcher Vincent Everts liked the video and interviewed me about it.

Greg Shapiro Hosts 1st-Ever CitizenM TV Show

For the CitizenM TV show, the Livestream doesn't need to be Live! We had 3 days of production, with plenty of time for me to meet the C-level execs and get to know them. We pre-recorded the transitions, and I spoke in the voiceovers. The priority on-set was to keep the vibe of a normal offsite event, as much as possible. And yes, the top management were way too dry in the first take. But with a couple of retakes - and me more actively engaging them - the managers managed to loosen up and feel like they were talking to their team, in person. I really appreciated hearing it back in the comments, like "You made us feel comfortable Greg, it was a joy. Many thanks!"
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