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Part-Time Hypocrite, my 4th solo show

Date: Friday, June 26, 2015
Category: Blog

After my trilogy on cultural assimilation, I wanted to do something a bit different. For ‘Part-Time Hypocrite,’ I wanted a confessional. I wanted to talk about the corporate events where I end up serving a corporate agenda, and then feeling dirty. Like telling a Semi-Conductors division ‘Your jobs are safe…’ and then reading 2 weeks later they’ve all been laid off. The company shall remain nameless. Let’s just call them a major Eindhoven lightbulb manufacturer.
In this show I ask to disrupt our corporate behavior. I start by asking ‘Why do we let our kids play Monopoly? It’s like the Olympics, but instead of being happy with Gold, you also need to steal the Silver and Bronze.’ And I end by asking the audience to swap Albert Heijn bonus cards with me ‘because I’m happy to share my personal details with the corporation, but it’s so easy to f**k the system.’ 

I also talk about my time as a Dutch political candidate. Yes, I actually appeared on the candidate list for Amsterdam D66. Was it symbolic? Yes. But I did play a critical role at a critical moment, and I helped achieve a historic upset victory. And now that D66 is in power in Amsterdam, do they take my calls? … No.


I start the show by turning the house lights up and making sure everyone is comfortable. If people are tall, I move them to the front row for more legroom. There were a couple shows where groups of people were sitting in the back because the box office started filling the seats from back-to-front. What better way to start the show, than saying ‘F**k that! Sit where you’ll enjoy the show!’  And I end the show by giving gifts to my audience. Fresh mint plants for the vegetarians. Edible panties for the feminists. And organic cookies for everyone. 


I started try-outs for the show last September, and I resisted having an actual ‘Premiere.’ Every time I announce a ‘Premiere,’ the show is never really finished. It continues to evolve as I perform it. This season, by the time I got to the final performance, I felt like it was ready for a Premiere. 


I’ve had help from an absent director, but the heavy-lifting on this show was all mine. And in the end, I can honestly say I’m proud and satisfied by the result. I kept all the good bits, cut all the not-so-good bits, and I said what I wanted to say. Most importantly, my wife liked it. 

I’ll be performing Part-Time Hypocrite one more time in February 2016 in De Harmonie in Leeuwarden. See you there!