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REVIEW: The Madness of King Donald – 4 STARS

Date: Saturday, February 23, 2019
Category: Blog, News – FOUR STARS

Greg Shapiro is the best Trump impersonator in the world, and he does not even look like Trump! Had a great night, laughed at those crazy Americans and the craziest, by far, or them all: the Donald.

The show is fast, witty, original and surprising. Shapiro is a comedian storyteller who still can not quite comprehend the madness of the 45th president of America himself. And of course he also (very snarkily) comments on the crazy Dutch.

Afterwards make selfies with Greg himself and buy his latest book, with dedication and signature from Shapiro himself. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Greg Shapiro, The Madness of King Donald: a Trump Tutorial. Directed by Michael Diederich