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The Voice of Netherlands Second with a Trump Solo Show: THE MADNESS OF KING DONALD

Date: Monday, September 10, 2018
Category: Blog

The Voice of Netherlands Second with a Trump Solo Show: THE MADNESS OF KING DONALD: JANUARY – MARCH 2019, Netherlands.

As a follow-up to Boom Chicago’s Trump Up the Volume and Zondag Met Lubach’s “Netherlands Second” video, Comedy Central anchorman Greg Shapiro takes his Trump imitation and unpacks it into a full show:
An Evening with the Voice of ‘Make Netherlands Second.’

In this show, Shapiro salutes the 45th – and possibly final – President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. No, America didn’t get its first-ever female president, but we did get the first-ever president who’s clearly mentally ill.

‘The Madness of King Donald’ is an evening of standup comedy, with improvisation thrown in. Every show features a chance for the audience to ask questions to the President. As ‘The Original Fake Trump,’ Shapiro remains committed to giving more press conferences than the actual Trump.

Greg Shapiro: Comedian. American. Dutchman. He can be seen in the Boom Chicago show ‘Trump Up the Volume: Angry White Men and How to Defeat Them.’  His latest book ‘How to Be Dutch: the Quiz’ is available internationally. His YouTube show ‘United States of Europe’ has over 3 million views. And as the Trump impersonator from the ‘Netherlands Second’ video, he has over 75 million views worldwide.

Show is in English / Dutch, with intermission.