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VOTE! Hillary or Bernie? The US Global Primary March 6 & 7

Date: Sunday, February 14, 2016
Category: Blog, News

Amsterdam March 6, ABC Treehouse 3-6pm.
The Hague March 7, ABC Treehut 6-9pm 

A) NEVER voted in a US Primary before? Now’s your chance!
B) This is NOT the GENERAL ELECTION. That’s November 8.
C) YES, at the Global Primary, you can REGISTER to vote for November 8.
Thanks, Democrats Abroad.


Bernie or Hillary? The Magic Number is 2382 DELEGATES to win the nomination. Democrats Abroad will contribute 21 of those delegates. Your vote will affect whether those 21 go to Hillary or Bernie.
(Technically, you could also vote in your home state… IF you want to register with the local party, register to vote, apply for a ballot and send it in time. But you’ve never done that up until now, have you?)
Also, voting in the Global Primary means you’re being counted as an American abroad. The bigger the turnout, the more voice we have in issues like US taxes, FATCA, ESTA visas for spouses, etc.

NO, the US Embassy cannot help you. The US Consulate cannot help you. They are not polling places.
NO, you don’t have to be a registered Democrat to vote in the Global Primary. You can even be a Republican and vote, for all I know.
NO, I don’t know if there’s a Global Primary for Republicans Abroad. But if there is, let me know so I can crash it.

March 6 in Amsterdam is a Sunday. 3pm-6pm. You can make it.
March 7 in Den Haag is a Monday. 6pm-9pm. Come by after work.

– Mark your ballot and put it in the box. In previous years, it’s been caucus-style. This year it’s straight-up ballot box.
– While you’re there, you can get VOTE HELP for the general election in November. If you’re not registered, they’ll help you register. If you don’t know how to apply for a November ballot, they’ll help get you a ballot. Democrats Abroad are organizing a number of Vote Help days, but they have very few volunteers. So volunteer.
– I’ll be there helping answer questions and registering voters. 

The Global Primary is March 6 & 7. This is your chance to make a difference. As Barack Obama said, “If the 99% would turn up to vote, we might not have to worry so much about the 1%.”
Especially with the death of Antonin Scalia, the stakes have never been higher. 
“The future composition of the Supreme Court is the most important civil rights cause of our time. It is more important than racial justice, marriage equality, voting rights, money in politics, abortion rights, gun rights, or managing climate change.” – Rick Hasen, author of PLUTOCRATS UNITED, Campaign Money, the Supreme Court, and the Distortion of American Elections.

PS – Wanna get caught up?
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