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Why I Comedy.

Date: Saturday, November 7, 2015
Category: Blog

Cafe Mezrab Comedy Fridays- free entrance! And free to play! (i.e. No pay.) So – though it’s a Friday – it’s like an open mic. At least that’s how I approached it…

IMG_0486The two acts before me wisely played up the Single & Flirty material and got the crowd whipped up into frothy sexual tension. I followed with my bits on society & politics and killed the vibe like a safe sex lecture. After the show, the other comedians were working the crowd, and I just tried to duck out. But one woman wanted to talk to me. She’s with an environmental NGO (the anti-nuke WISE),
and I got an enlightening chat about the COP21 Paris climate summit. Score!
I know the conference starts 30 November & goes for 2 weeks. But I didn’t realize France was restricting participants from attending. She said Paris hotels have a strict quota on foreign guests for the whole 2 weeks of COP21. Granted, there are regional elections until 6 December. But why keep the restrictions in place for the whole week after that? And now France is reinstating border controls. I smell scandal – I got a scoop!
Sorry, guys. This is my definition of sexy.