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Why It’s Okay to Hate Germany Again – Dieselgate. GSUSE Oct 2, 2015

Date: Friday, October 2, 2015
Category: Blog, News

Last week: ‘Why it’s okay to like Germany again.’
This week: ‘Why it’s okay to hate Germany again.’

While most of the world was at the UN, trying to outdo each other’s CO2 campaigns… Volkswagen has been lying and polluting. And it’s not just Volkswagen, it’s apparently the entire German car culture that allowed them to get away with it for so long. Volkswagen polluting is like Bill Cosby raping: everyone knew about it, but it wasn’t cool to talk about it. Until now. As Hannibal Burress is to the Bill Cosby scandal, the EPA is to Dieselgate. AND the US Attorney General has just announced they are no longer making exceptions for multinational corporations: if you break the law you will go to trial. Will Volkswagen executives end up in jail?

If they do, it won’t likely be in the EU. This week there are more revelations about the lax enforcement of EU emissions standards & the enormity of Volkswagen’s lobbying agency in Brussels & the damage to the German reputation for Rules! Rules! Rules! Some say Germany will be dealing with the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal longer than the Greek crisis. How could this happen? Just last week, weren’t we holding up Germany as a model acceptance for refugees? Truly, the German eagle is an enigma. Will we ever really understand the largest country in the EU? All we know this week is: it’s okay to hate ’em again.