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Gregory Shapiro: Comedian. American. Dutchman. And the voice of Trump in the ‘Netherlands Second’ video with over 50 million views. Celebrating 25 years in comedy. With 20 years experience corporate speaking / hosting (Philips, Shell, Unilever, etc).

Shapiro has hosted events for the King of the Netherlands, French President Hollande, and NATO. Shapiro is known for his ‘Culture Shock Therapy’ master class. His two books How to Be Orange and How to Be Dutch: the Quiz are available internationally. Shapiro is producer and host of the YouTube show ‘United States of Europe’ – a ‘Daily Show’ for the EU. On his YouTube channel, he offers his video ‘How to Do a Trump Imitation, Even When You Have Large Hands.’

In 2019, Greg Shapiro presents his fifth solo show The Madness of King Donald: a Trump Tutorial. Shapiro is a long-time member of comedy theater Boom Chicago, celebrating 25 years with alumni such as Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele and Ike Barinholtz.  He continues to perform at Boom Chicago with Pep Rosenfeld for the current events show Trump Up the Volume.

Shapiro came to the Netherlands in 1994 to help establish comedy theater Boom Chicago, after graduating from Northwestern University. In 2007 Shapiro hosted the TV show ‘Comedy Central News’ (because Dutch news is news too). He’s since worked with BNR fm, Time Out Amsterdam and BNN/VARA HumorTV. Shapiro also has 20 years experience in Corporate Speaking / Entertainment, with a specialization in hosting Green Events (Green Tech Summit, Koppert Biological Systems, Airports Going Green).

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