MAY 2024

In May, I’ll be working on material for TWO shows this Fall.
A) My US Election Show Leaving Trumpland 2.0.

B) The Boom Chicago US Election Show with Pep & Greg



11 Leiden. Comedy Club De Burcht. MC Grand Cafe De Burcht. 20:15.

13 Amsterdam. Premiere Krazy House film, MC. Tuschinski Palace Cinema. 20:00.

16 (option) Amsterdam. (open mic Cafe Lellebel) 20:00.

18. (option) A’dam. Shot of Improv. Boom Chicago. 22:00

18 Amsterdam. Shot of Improv. Boom Chicago Rozentheater.

23 Amsterdam. Comedy Lineup show. CatuBar. 20:30.

25 Amsterdam. Shot of Improv. Boom Chicago Rozentheater. 22.00

30 Amsterdam. OMW Comedy Night, MC. Bij Barba.

Greg Shapiro Leaving Trumpland 2.0
Meanwhile… Greg’s 7th Solo show
GREG SHAPIRO SAVES THE CLIMATE: 60 Minutes of #climategoodnews

In the Netherlands alone, there are solar-powered cars, wind-powered trains, garbage-powered trucks – and homes heated by cow poop (warning: contents are not vegan). Comedian Greg Shapiro shares an hour of uplifting environmental game-changers and asks “Why aren’t we ALL doing this?”


Shapiro’s day job is hosting events for Dutch green startups and leaders in sustainability. Greg has hosted events for: offshore wind, lab-grown meat, garbage-powered trucks, a sustainable chicken farm, the European Sleeper train, Extinction Rebellion – and even for Shell. Come hear the stories from the front lines – and behind the scenes


“Yes 90% of climate news is bad. But if you ignore the 10% that’s good, you’ll go 100% crazy.” – Greg Shapiro
Preserve your mental health and come see GREG SHAPIRO SAVES THE CLIMATE.


Greg Shapiro (Boom Chicago, Comedy Central, ZDF) is best-known as the voice of the ‘Netherlands Second’ video. Meanwhile, he has written and performed 6 solo shows including Leaving Trumpland and How to Be Orange. As author, Greg has written books such as How to Be Dutch: the Quiz and his latest The American Netherlander: 25 Years of Expat Tales. He is a proud contributor to Boom Chicago Presents the 30 Most Important Years in Dutch History.


For more on Greg’s previous solo shows, check the ARCHIVE.