02. Eindhoven. Standup ‘Bell’s Comedy’@LAB-1. 20:30

03. Amsterdam. Shot of Improv @BoomChicago. 22.00

04. Amsterdam. GREG SHAPIRO SAVES THE CLIMATE solo show! 60 minutes of Climate Good News. 20.00.

17. Hilversum. Standup @David’s Bar & Restaurant. 20:15


+ Coming Sept. 2024: my US Election Show Leaving Trumpland 2.0.
+ Coming Oct. 2024: the Boom Chicago US election show with Pep & Greg

4 February at Mezrab Amsterdam:


Greg Shapiro Saves the Climate: 60 Minutes of #climategoodnews (with d*ck jokes)


In the Netherlands alone, there are solar-powered cars, wind-powered trains, garbage-powered trucks – and homes heated by cow poop (warning: contents are not vegan). Comedian Greg Shapiro shares an hour of uplifting environmental game-changers and asks “Why aren’t we ALL doing this?”


Shapiro’s day job is hosting events for Dutch green startups and leaders in sustainability. Greg has hosted events for: offshore wind, lab-grown meat, garbage-powered trucks, a sustainable chicken farm, the European Sleeper train, Extinction Rebellion – and even for Shell. Come hear the stories from the front lines – and behind the scenes


“Yes 90% of climate news is bad. But if you ignore the 10% that’s good, you’ll go 100% crazy.” – Greg Shapiro
Preserve your mental health and come see GREG SHAPIRO SAVES THE CLIMATE.


Greg Shapiro (Boom Chicago, Comedy Central, ZDF) is best-known as the voice of the ‘Netherlands Second’ video. Meanwhile, he has written and performed 6 solo shows including Leaving Trumpland and How to Be Orange. As author, Greg has written books such as How to Be Dutch: the Quiz and his latest The American Netherlander: 25 Years of Expat Tales. He is a proud contributor to Boom Chicago Presents the 30 Most Important Years in Dutch History.


For more on Greg’s previous solo shows, check the ARCHIVE.


Greg Shapiro Comedy Shows