Sometimes I have a proper theater tour, with a whole season full of bookings, known months in advance.

…This is not one of those times.

Instead, I have a month-by-month schedule of ad hoc gigs – from standup lineups to improv shows to solo show tryouts. (see below)

Here is this month’s list of UPCOMING COMEDY SHOWS.
Watch this space for updates and changes.

GS Comedy Dates April 2023

2 April. Standup Show (Headliner), ‘Ironic Curtain’ at Checkpoint Charlie. 16:15 !


13 April. Den Haag. Standup show (MC & Programmer), Pepijn’s Comedy Club But in English. featuring Mohna Joshi, Luana Elena Matei, Weina Ma and Headliner SID SINGH (US) – the Refugee Rights Lawyer Comedian (BBC, Comedy Central). 20.30.


16 April. Den Haag. Book signing for my book How to Be Dutch: the Quiz. ABC Den Haag 50th Anniv. (afternoon) TBD


16 April. Leiden. Standup show (MC). Bourbon Street Comedy Club 20.00.

18 April. Enschede. Standup show. TBA


Coming in May: new solo show “GREG SHAPIRO’S CLIMATE GOOD NEWS”
Okay, climate news is 90% bad. But if you ignore the 10% that’s good, you’ll go 100% crazy.
And a lot of good news is happening right here in Netherlands:
Who do you call when you need a sea wall? The Dutch.
Which country’s thriving with sea levels rising? The Dutch.
Who brings you luck when your container ship’s stuck? The Dutch.
When it comes to Climate Change, the Netherlands has a lot of answers to world’s challenges. But they don’t like to talk about it. Yes, Dutch people are producing the world’s first solar-powered car, creating lab-grown meat, cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch… but they don’t like to brag. The Netherlands is like a superhero obsessed with their secret identity.

For more on Greg’s previous solo shows, check the ARCHIVE.


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