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Greg Shapiro’s other shows at Boom Chicago include the 17 ensemble shows he wrote and performed at the Boom Chicago theater from 1994 – 2007.
Shapiro’s standup shows with Pep Rosenfeld include 2020’s Lock Him Up: Make America Democracy Again (above), the 2016 US election show and Trump Up the Volume: Angry White Men (above).
Greg’s other previous standup shows with Pep Rosenfeld include: Nieuwjaars Conference (2001); Yankee Go Home (2002); Going Down (2003); The Mr. America Contest (2004); Bye Bye Bush (2008); Political PARTY (2010); 9/11 Forever (2011); No Such Thing as Sinterklaas (2011); My Big Fat American Election (2012); Delete Zwarte Piet Niet (2013); and the 2017 Year in Review show for Google Netherlands.