Greg Shapiro Comedy Central News

Greg Shapiro Presents CCN Comedy Central News: “because Dutch news is news too.” 

In 2007, Comedy Central launched its first channel in the Netherlands. The Dutch producers decided to create a new TV show for the occasion, and they wanted a mix of The Daily Show and sketch comedy. They then approached Dutch American comedy theater Boom Chicago to create Comedy Central News, which was presented by Dutch American comedian Greg Shapiro.



CCN and Emmy Award winner Brendan Hunt

Comedy Central News ran from 2007 – 2008. Directors Matt Chapman and Becky Nelson directed the segments. Comedian Lauren Flans hosted remote segments for every episode. Flans would go on to appear on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out and Epic Rap Battles of History.

Lauren Flans IMDB

Pep Rosenfeld was the 2008 Head Writer. (Emmy-nominated writer for ‘Weekend Update’ on Saturday Night Live).

The 2007 Head Writer was Brendan Hunt, who is now known as co-creator of the Emmy-winning series TED LASSO. (Hunt also plays ‘Coach Beard’ on TED LASSO. Here is Brendan with some of his early beard work.)


From Wikipedia

Comedy Central News (CCN for short) is a satirical program that focuses on the news and was broadcast on Comedy Central in the Netherlands. In the program the Dutch news was presented in a typical American way, presented by Americans. This is done under the motto “Because Dutch News Is News Too.” The program was created by Boom Chicago comedians and presented by Greg Shapiro.
(NOTE: Comedy Central News Netherlands is not related to Comedy Central News Poland.)


From the Press Release

AMSTERDAM – The comedy group Boom Chicago can be seen on Dutch television starting in September. The American artists based in Amsterdam will make the Comedy Central News program for television channel Comedy Central five times a week. So said Boom Chicago founders and owners Jon Rosenfeld and Andrew Moskos.

Moskos: “Comedy Central News is a satirical news show, where we make fun of the latest events Dutch news. The program is in English, but is intended for a Dutch audience. As foreigners, we give Dutch people a different view of their own society.”


CCN Comedy Central News SEASON ONE, EP 23 








Producer: Andrew Moskos
Segment Producer: Christy Ju
Exec Producer / Head Writer: Pep Rosenfeld
Directors: Matt Chapman, Becky Nelson
Presenter / Writer: Greg Shapiro
Presenter / Writer: Lauren Flans
Writer / Super Catty Celebrity Bitch: Michael Diederich
Head Writer / Ensemble S1: Brendan Hunt
Writers & Ensemble:
Lolu Ajayi
Rob AndristPlourde
Hilary Bauman
Jen Burton
Hans Holsen
Brian Jack
Mike OT
Jeffrey Spalburg
Andel Sudik

Dutch Producers:
Maurice Hols
Kaja Wolffers
Geert-Martin van der Jagt