Greg Shapiro in Telegraaf

I was interviewed in De Telegraaf about how to adopt your local garbage container - to get the key!

Shapiro Votes in Global Primary

Shapiro Votes in Global Primary
Dutch morning show 'Goede Morgen Nederland' asked if I was planning to vote in the Global Presidential Primary. I said YES

Shapiro Dutch Quiz Book

How to Be Dutch: THE QUIZ. All the questions that SHOULD be on the Dutch Citizenship Exam, according the expat expert who has been living in the Netherlands for close to 30 years.

‘7thGuest’ VR Game Making-Of

7thGuest VR Game Making-Of
Greg Shapiro appears in 7thGuest VR Game Making-Of 26 January, 2024 One year ago – in January 2023 – I spent a week in a 360-Green Screen studio to help create a remake of the classic 1990s video game The 7th Guest. This time for...

Shapiro Same-Day PowerPoint Parody

Shapiro Same-Day PowerPoint Parody
"Could you watch a day full of keynote speakers and then - at the end - perform a parody PowerPoint, based on their PowerPoints?” The answer is YES.

Shapiro at Royal Comedy Event

Shapiro at Royal Comedy Event
Shapiro at Royal Comedy Event 28 november 2023 In Praise of Folly! This year’s Dutch Erasmus award was given to a comedian: Trevor Noah. It was an event full of Dutch comedy royalty – and actual Dutch royalty. The event started with King Willem Alexander...
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