Greg Shapiro Summit Standup

Greg Shapiro Summit Standup 'Summit for Democracy'
They asked if I could perform standup comedy for a global Summit for Democracy livestream - on the Freedom of Speech... (but maybe not in America).

Book Review: ‘Shapiro funny’

Book Review: 'Shapiro Funny'
"Greg takes us, chapter by chapter, through the different aspects of Dutch life and how to cope with - sorry - appreciate them. We learn of course about about sex and drugs and the ubiquitous coffeeshops. We find out more about bike etiquette. And ...serious though it is, the Zwarte Piet subject is treated in an easygoing, unpreachy, unjudgmental manner.


pep & greg save america
PEP & GREG SAVE AMERICA at Boom Chicago Theater 8 March 2023 Pep Rosenfeld (SNL) & Greg Shapiro (‘Netherlands Second’ video) are back at Boom Chicago – to save America! And also to make fun of Marjorie Taylor Greene. This political comedy show dares to...


Dutch to the Rescue - a Greg Shapiro Comedy Show
So many examples of Dutch traditions and innovations to fight climate change, but they don't like to brag. That's where I come in.

A Christmas Twist Playlist

A Christmas Twist Playlist
A Christmas Twist Playlist, by Greg Shapiro 21 December, 2022 I love Christmas music! BUT there comes a time, every December, when I hear ‘Jingle Bells’ for the 100th time, and my ears start to bleed. We deserve a Christmas Twist. I’ve made a playlist...
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