Greg Shapiro Comedy Dates October

Trying out new material for US politics show 'Pep & Greg Save America' at Boom Chicago, plus my new climate-themed standup show 'Dutch to the Rescue.' Sea levels rising? No problem, the Dutch will make more land.


In 2007, Viacom’s Comedy Central launched its first channel in the Netherlands. The Dutch producers wanted to create a new TV show for the occasion. So Boom Chicago got the call to create a show, and we came in with a concept that was basically “What if The Muppet Show had a Weekend Update?” 

Greg Shapiro EditieNL ‘Going Dutch’

In August, Dutch American comedian Greg Shapiro was asked to comment on the Dutch app Tikkie (and their new tool ‘Groupie’) by EditieNL on Dutch RTL. "Now that I think about it, if there’s one person who never orders the appetizer - it’s ME. So I have to admit: when I go out to eat with a group, I’m the one saying ‘I’ve itemized my part of the bill.’ I'VE TRULY GONE DUTCH.”

Greg Shapiro Sells Potatoes for AGRISTO

Soda Stream, Dollar Shave Club, Old Spice with Terry Crews… and now Greg Shapiro sells potatoes for Agristo. In an online ad directed by Gouden Kalf winner Dennis Bots. Starring me, parachuting into a potato processing plant in Wielsbeke, Belgium.


GREG SHAPIRO COMEDY DATES SEPTEMBER 2022 5 Sept., 2022   It’s comedy season again! I’m working on two new shows, and I’ll be making a lot of appearances coming up. See dates below  SHOW ONE – Pep & Greg Save America Pep Rosenfeld and I...

America Needs a Divorce – Greg Shapiro for ‘240 Years Down the Drain’

Happy Independence Day, America! To be truly independent, you need a divorce. Specifically, the BLUE States should now be independent from the RED states. You know how America loves a sequel? Welcome to 'Civil War part 2: South, FU!' And credit to The South. After they filed for divorce and the North said NO, The South has been playing the LONG GAME: making life so miserable for the Blue states that now the North is like “Yeah, divorce sounds good.”


When I was asked to talk about my ‘weirdest gigs ever’ for the ELEKTRA Podcast, I said YES. I talked about performing for a Dutch bachelorette party in the mid-90’s, when they chanted something to me during the show. It was months later when I realized “Broek uit! Broek uit! Broek uit, op je rug!” meant “Pants off! Pants off! Pants off, on your back!” Yes, Dutch women are very direct.

Greg Shapiro Hosts CitizenM TV Episode 2

I must admit: when I’d hosted the first CitizenM TV, I’d never stayed at a CitizenM hotel before. For Season 2, I did my homework. I got to do an overnight ‘staycation' at the Amsterdam Amstel location. The concept for Season 2 was to show me warming up before the show - IN a CitizenM hotel room. Hence - WARNING: CONTAINS SOME MALE NUDITY.

Greg Shapiro Presents CNC: CLIMATE NEWS COMEDY

What if Climate News could be fun? These days most people hear the term Climate and get ready for dread. And for good reason. But the truth is there’s a sustainability boom happening, with lots of clean energy innovations that are genuinely exciting. ...Also, there’s a lot of bullshit sustainability that’s a lot more like ‘greenwashing.' How to tell the difference? Introducing a new weekly video series. ‘CNC: Climate News Comedy.’ Anything it takes to make climate news funny.
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