Dutch to the Rescue - a Greg Shapiro Comedy Show
So many examples of Dutch traditions and innovations to fight climate change, but they don't like to brag. That's where I come in.

A Christmas Twist Playlist

A Christmas Twist Playlist
A Christmas Twist Playlist, by Greg Shapiro 21 December, 2022 I love Christmas music! BUT there comes a time, every December, when I hear ‘Jingle Bells’ for the 100th time, and my ears start to bleed. We deserve a Christmas Twist. I’ve made a playlist...

Greg Shapiro PePijn’s Comedy Club

The English-language comedy scene in The Netherlands is developing so much comedy talent - for under €20 you can easily see 'Tomorrow’s Netflix Special' comedians.

Greg Shapiro November Dates

Greg Shapiro November Dates
PEP & GREG SAVE AMERICA at Boom Chicago, and Greg hosts his new comedy night at Pepijn Theater in the Hague
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