Shapiro ListPusher Standup Special

Shapiro ListPusher Standup Special
My 2022 standup special was taped by Comedyhuis, and now it's up on YouTube. LISTPUSHER: the American Netherlander Joins Dutch Politics

Greg Shapiro Berlin MiniTour

greg shapiro berlin minitour
Touring Berlin with Ken Parsons, telling stories about his days after the fall of The Wall and my days helping create Boom Chicago theater in Amsterdam

Shapiro Hosts Kipster Event

Hooray! I hosted another green-themed event, this time for a sustainable chicken farm. Feat. carbon neutral eggs and rooster meatballs

Shapiro in 7thGuest Remake

I’m appearing in the remake of a classic video game: The 7th Guest. As one of the 6 guests in the storyline, I can tell you it's super fun
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