Shapiro Hosts Kipster Event

Hooray! I hosted another green-themed event, this time for a sustainable chicken farm. Feat. carbon neutral eggs and rooster meatballs

Shapiro in 7thGuest Remake

I’m appearing in the remake of a classic video game: The 7th Guest. As one of the 6 guests in the storyline, I can tell you it's super fun


Shapiro Boom Chicago Tales
In its first 30 years, Boom Chicago Comedy Theater started the careers of Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele, the Ted Lasso creators - and me. Now it’s time to share some Shapiro Boom Chicago Tales!

Shapiro at ‘4 More Years’ Event

How do you celebrate your 4th anniversary as a Dutch political consultancy? With a political-themed party called “Four More Years!” At The Loft in A’dam Tower Amsterdam.

Boom Chicago Book Review

Boom Chicago Book Review
Book release day! Boom Chicago Presents is “30 years in the history of a comedy club in a way that totally defies expectation.”

Boom Chicago 30th in NYT

Boom Chicago 30th in NYT, Seth Meyers Greg Shapiro
Yes, I've performed with famous Boom Chicago alumni like Seth Meyers. We played improv comedy, where the Golden Rule is "Make Your Partner Look Good." I think I did my job well.


In 2001, I played a serial killer. And Brendan Hunt played the devil. (His makeup was better.)
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