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Foto: Gerrit de Heus. Voorburg. 08-06-2018. Greg Shapiro

“Shapiro crawled into Trump’s skin and did a fantastic job. There is no shortage of Trump imitators, but Shapiro goes far beyond imitating a voice or physical gestures. He even creeps into Trump’s head and can, on the basis of a word or question from the audience, expand into a completely realistic tirade. The trick is that you never manage to finish a sentence and just have one thought flow into the next. Before you know it, there’s a beautiful, Trump-worthy word salad. It no longer has any meaning, but it works enormously well for generating laughs. Boom Chicago could make a whole show out of this.”

Het Parool

“What’s impressive is that he’s lived in Europe long enough to be well-informed of local politics.”

De Volkskrant

“Greg is full of confidence, charisma and English – peppered with Dutch. Ingredients are in perfect working order.”

Arnhem Direct

“Shapiro storms through the polder culture at 130km per hour. He lands his blows with precision, but all the while you can tell he’s proud to be Dutch.”

Het Parool