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Greg Shapiro – Commercial & Character Voiceovers

Greg Shapiro – Commercial & Character Voiceovers
12 April, 2022

Many people know me as the voice of Trump in the ‘Netherlands Second’ video – which is great. But it’s also making me lose jobs.

So for everyone who has labeled me as ‘too comedic’ (business event), or ‘too crude’ (corporate video), here is an updated DEMO: ‘Greg Shapiro: Commercial and Character Voiceovers.’
Please note: ‘Commercial’ FIRST. ‘Character’ SECOND.

The Menu:
– ‘WILD’ nature film. (Dutch Voiceover: Andre van Duijn. English Voiceover: Greg Shapiro.)
– SHELL ‘New Energy Challenge’ Radio & TV, Netherlands.
– RABOBANK ‘Growing a Better World Together’ Radio & internet, Netherlands. 
– CHICKEN TONIGHT ‘The Terry Stinger Show’ Radio & TV, Netherlands.
– THEATER CARRé ‘Pippin / Broadway aan de Amstel’ series. Radio & TV, Netherlands.
– MEDIA MARKT ‘ePro TV’ Internal.
– DE WERELD DRAAIT DOOR. ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light (Baseball Announcer).’ TV, Netherlands.
– ZONDAG MET LUBACH. ‘Netherlands Second’ video. TV Netherlands + Internet. 

That’s all the time I had for the demo. But so you know, I’ve also done the following Voiceovers:

– FRIESLAND MARKETING. ‘Fascinating Friesland,’ Internet.
– ALLIANZ DIRECT. (Dutch Voiceover: Jeroen van Koningsbrugge. English Voiceover: Greg Shapiro.)
– TELE2. Frank the Sheep. Internet.
– SANYO. Explainer video, ULT freezers. Internal.
– RANDSTAD. 50th Anniversary Podcast Host. Internal.
– WAKA WAKA Power. Host / Voiceover. Internet.
– THE QUICKEST QUIZ. Quiz App. Host / Voiceover. GooglePlay / App Store.
– CITIZEN M. Annual General Mtg. Host / Voiceover. Internal Livestream.
– PRINGLES. ‘Spanish Salsa.’ Radio, NL.
– COCA COLA. ‘Happiness Factory.’ Internal.

And last but not least. One of the first voiceover jobs I got in the Netherlands was back in 1994 for Gatorade. It was a tagline: “Gatorade. Because water just ain’t wet enough.” I gave it my most over-the-top, American DJ delivery. It was for a Dutch radio commercial, and it got a lot of airtime. 

In 1999, I was getting ready to get married to a Dutch woman – when I mentioned I had done that Gatorade voiceover. She recoiled in horror: “That was YOU?” The marriage was almost called off.