TV Appearances

Welcome to a bunch of clickable videos with Dutch American comedian Greg Shapiro TV Appearances on – mostly Dutch – TV. Of course there’s the ‘Netherlands Second’ video (scroll down to bottom). But most of these clips are Greg appearing as himself. And – since he is The American Netherlander – these clips are partly in English, and partly in (bad) Dutch.

Or you can go to Greg’s YouTube channel and view the Playlist:

JINEK – Comedian Greg Shapiro Imitates Trump Speech, bij Jinek on NPO1 – (28 Jan. 2017)
EditieNL. Greg Shapiro on Dutch cheapness: ‘Going Dutch’ with Tikkie (Aug., 2022)
Editie NL. Greg Shapiro on the Dutch tradition of ‘Uitwaaien’ (Jan., 2022)

“Come to the Netherlands! We will blow you away.”

OP1 – Greg Shapiro Comments as Trump on NPO ‘Op1’ (4 Nov. 2020) PART ONE
OP1 – Greg Shapiro Imitates Joe Biden on NPO ‘Op1’ (4 Nov. 2020) PART TWO

CCN ‘Comedy Central News’ with Greg Shapiro (2007 – S1 Ep23)

More on CCN ‘Comedy Central News’ – “because Dutch news is news too.”

Het Pronkstuk van Nederland (2018)

Dutch American comedian Greg Shapiro explains how the US Declaration of Independence (1776) borrowed from the Dutch declaration of independence (1581). Long live Het Plakkat van Verlatinghe!

[clip starts at 20.00 min]

zo: RAYMANN – ‘De Identiteit van Nederland’ Greg Shapiro (2011)

In 2011, Dutch TV host Jörgen Raymann invited Dutch American comedian Greg Shapiro to comment on his view of Dutch identity. Shapiro included an analysis of the extremely modest wording of the Dutch national anthem.

Heute Show ZDF (Deutschland) ‘Donald Trump’s Tagesbuch’ (Feb., 2017)

Comedian Greg Shapiro contributed the Trump voice for the recurring segment ‘Trump’s Diary’ for De Heute Show on German ZDF. Here is the first.

ZML – ‘Zoom Meeting with World Leaders’ (2020)

‘World leaders react very differently to the Coronavirus. Arjen talks to them by crashing a Zoom meeting’ (using the login code Boris Johnson accidentally leaked on Twitter).
Voice-over: Greg Shapiro.
(Voices of: Jair Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, Kim Jong un, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Xi Jingping)

ZML – ‘Official Message from Donald Trump to Joe Biden – White House Tour’ (Nov., 2020)

Voice-over: Greg Shapiro. (the fart jokes were Arjen’s.)

ZML – The ‘Netherlands Second’ video (Jan., 2017)

The video was originally entitled ‘The Netherlands Introduces itself to President Trump in His Own Words’ and created for the Dutch TV show Zondag Met Lubach. It aired in January, 2017.

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