Greg Shapiro on Zondag Met Lubach with ‘Trump Message to Biden’ Video

Greg Shapiro on Zondag Met Lubach with ‘Trump Message to Biden’ Video

13 November, 2020

Greg Shapiro (voice of the ‘Netherlands Second’ video, 2017) teams up again with the weekly Zondag Met Lubach show.

In 2017, the Dutch version of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight scored a worldwide viral hit with a video about Donald Trump’s Inauguration Speech “America First.” That video became known as the ‘Netherlands Second’ video (see below). Now that Donald Trump’s presidency is coming to a close, the Dutch show Zondag Met Lubach creates another video, again using the voice of Dutch American comedian Greg Shapiro.

This time, it’s Donald Trump giving a spiteful White House tour to Joe Biden. As Trump refuses to concede the 2020 US election or admit defeat, he roams the corridors of the White House showing all the rooms Joe Biden will ‘never’ get to call home. Of course, we now know that Trump indeed left the White House. And the Biden Administration is still trying to clean up the mess.

The text for this video was written by Arjen Lubach and his team at Zondag Met Lubach. Video by Zondag Met Lubach & Human Factor. Produced by Janine Abbring. Audio recorded by Arjen Lubach. He’s the real deal.

Greg Shapiro on Zondag Met Lubach with ‘Trump Message to Biden’ Video

The Netherlands Second video

The video from 2017 was originally called “The Netherlands Welcomes President Trump in His Own Terms.” But it has become known as “The Netherlands Second” video. The video has at least 29 million views on YouTube, and many millions more on other platforms such as Facebook & its subsidiaries.

After the Dutch video went viral, the German comedian Jan Boehmermann made a copycat video “Germany Second,” and that opened the floodgates for many more countries to make their own copycat videos. One of the funniest was “Iran Second.” Worth looking up.
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