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Greg Shapiro Actor Voiceover

VOICEOVER FIRST (Actor Second: see below)

Greg has 30 years’ experience as a voiceover artist. He can record in the studio or at home.


Comedian Greg Shapiro has over 30 years’ acting experience, best known for Dutch TV & film. His previous credits include appearances in Dutch TV series (‘Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden,’ ‘Onderweg Naar Morgen’) and films such as ‘Down’ by Dick Maas.

Greg Shapiro Demo Reel featuring:
– ‘Hope’ with Monic Hendrickx
– a national ‘Chicken Tonight’ ad as ‘Terry Stinger’
– ‘Oh Baby’ as a music producer
– ‘Scenarios for Summits’ as a tech CFO hit by ransomware
– ‘De Deal’ as a CIA agent
– ‘Diversey’ corporate film as C-level dad
– ‘Behind the Speedo’ as a Hotel Security Chief
–  Greg as John Travolta in ‘Pulp Fiction’ for a Boom Chicago corporate film.

Greg Shapiro 2009 Acting Reel (incl. Dick Maas ‘DOWN’ w Naomi Watts)
Greg Shapiro photo by Adrie Mouthaan
Greg Shapiro Actor Voiceover

Greg Shapiro studied Theater at Northwestern University and has over 30 years’ experience on stage and screen. He studied comedy improvisation at ImprovOlympic in Chicago and at Boom Chicago Theater in Amsterdam.

Greg Shapiro has appeared in films such as Dick Maas’ Down and Thomas Acda’s Oh Baby. He’s been seen on Dutch TV (‘De Deal,’ ‘Bluf,’ ‘GTST’). And he has performed in countless corporate videos, such as this one for Agristo Potatoes:

And he’s had his own show on Comedy Central Netherlands (‘Comedy Central News’).

Greg Shapiro Nederlands-talig Dubbing Demo

See Greg Shapiro’s standup shows, TV shows and books in the ARCHIVE: