Shapiro Premieres ‘ClimateGoodNews’ Show

Greg Shapiro Premieres His ‘ClimateGoodNews’ Show

12 October, 2023

The premiere was a success! ‘GREG SHAPIRO SAVES THE CLIMATE: 60 Minutes of Climate Good News’ at De Nieuwe Anita in Amsterdam. The next show is 7 December in Haarlem:

Based on a True Story

My day job involves speaking and hosting at corporate events – increasingly for Dutch green startups and leaders in sustainability. Inspiring stuff, actually. So I thought: “why not make a show about it? With d**k jokes.”

So far I’ve got funny stories and inspiration to share about events for:

  • Boskalis Offshore Wind Energy
  • HZI Waste-to-Energy Power Plants
  • The European Sleeper Overnight Train (sustainable alternative to short-haul flights)
  • Kipster Sustainable Chicken Farm
  • Mosa Meat Lab-grown hamburger
  • NRC “How Green Are We” Survey
  • TU Delft Energy Transition event
  • TU Eindhoven Pitch Coaching for Green Startups
  • WUR Wageningen Food X – the food of the future
  • Koppert Agriculture – the Future of Farming

And I was even hired by a company called New Motion to standardize EV charging stations in Europe. But then I was fired – because apparently the startup had been bought out by Shell Oil, and Shell “wanted to move in a different direction.” (f**k those guys.)

Climate Feel-Good News?

And – to be clear – when I say #climategoodnews – I’m not talking about “Feelgood News,” which is largely bullshit.

In fact part of the show is about how to spot Fake Good News. For example:

  • Norway announces world’s largest floating offshore wind farm (which will power existing oil & gas extraction).
  • California unveils world’s largest EV fast-charging station (powered partially by diesel generators).
  • Indonesia introduces new biofuel for jet engines (based on palm oil).

The opening was part of the Nutty Anita’s Solo Nights, at De Nieuwe Anita in Amsterdam. And it was a nicely full house. Thanks to Amsterdam’s ‘Maestro of the underground’ Ken Parsons for producing. And thanks to Amsterdam’s Maeva Dolle for being the opening act. Her solo hour is well underway.


GREG SHAPIRO SAVES THE CLIMATE: 60 Minutes of Climate Good News – Thurs 7 December @De Dakkas Haarlem


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